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  • Securing your home before vacation

    Thank you to:

    The Miami Herald

    Last week we spoke about traveling, so today let’s review what needs to be done to enjoy ourselves and leave our homes properly secure.
    Let’s start with our mail and newspapers. If possible, have a neighbor pick them up. Most people do call to suspend delivery, but when you call, do you really know to whom you are speaking? Even if you use that wonderful automated service that tells you to press 1 for this and 2 for that, you are advertising your absence.

    Remember to leave lights on in the front and rear of the house. Get a timer or use solar-powered lights. Trim hedges, especially if they are near your windows. Overgrown bushes can cover windows, giving a burglar a hiding place and blocking your neighbors’ view of the house. Check windows and other areas that may be vulnerable. If you have a window air conditioner, secure it with brackets and screws. Turn on a radio, get timers for your lamps and set them to coincide with the time you are usually at home.
    Do not leave a message on your phone saying that you are gone. Give your neighbor your contact information in case he or she needs to reach you. And lastly, please, if you go to the bank to withdraw money, be vigilant and don’t make stops on the way home.
    Now one more issue while traveling: When getting gas select stations that are well-lighted and, if possible, that have video-surveillance cameras at the pumps.
    When purchasing gas, use the pump that is closest to the station building. Credit-card theft happens a lot at gas stations. Crooks will pull the credit card slot out and replace it with a skimmer. They use the pumps that are farthest from the station so they won’t be seen by the attendant. Before you insert your credit card, grab the slot and sort of give it a pull to make sure it’s secure. If it has been tampered with, you will know it. Always remove your keys and lock your car doors while you are pumping gas; do not leave your purse or other items out in the open. Pay attention to your surroundings and please don’t talk on the cellphone while pumping gas. If you are traveling with someone, make sure they stay in the car if you have to use the restroom. If traveling alone, after you pump the gas, move the car to the front of the building, lock the doors and don’t leave your purse behind in the car.
    After last week’s column, a woman wrote and made some great suggestions: Wear cargo pants, which offer plenty of places for your personal items. Also, although it’s convenient to make travel plans online, working with a travel agent can save you lots of headaches, and they can give you that personal touch you might need. Make sure they are members of ASTA, the American Society of Travel Agents. There are many good online travel agencies, but I personally don’t book anything online if I can help it.

    Hidden Cameras always help catch a criminal

  • Runt Stun Gun


    Small enough to conceal in your hand!
    High-tech design and mini size make the RUNT Stun Gun powerful, portable and affordable!
    You can wear this self defense product on your belt with a nylon holster, an oversized purse, an evening clutch or even in your pocket! The RUNT is designed to go wherever you go.
    Featured on the top left side of this page, we have the black 20 Million Volt model. Scroll down the page to see all 3 colors of this powerful mini stun gun.
    The overwhelming clout and portability are comparable to units costing a LOT more than the $21.95 base price for our fully rechargeable 20 Million Volt unit.

    Slim & tall mini design
    Wrist Strap with disable pin
    Ten Million Volts of take down power!
    Life Time Warranty - If it quits...we replace it!

    Thank you Wendy for a great demo of the new Runt Stun Gun. My favorite is purple also.
    DEMO of the new Runt

  • Drills for Situational Awareness

    Drills for Situational Awareness
    Situational awareness is being aware of one’s surroundings and identifying potential threats and dangerous situations.
    Situational awareness is more of a mindset than a tangible hands-on skill.
    Situational awareness can be applied by anyone with the resolve to do so.
    To help you practice, here are a few drills that you can do to hone your mindset…
    First though, to establish a mindset of situational awareness one must first recognize that threats do exist. If someone is in denial of the potential for a threat, that person’s chances of recognizing an emerging threat quickly enough – and avoiding it – will be highly unlikely.
    Bad things do happen. One must also be of the mindset to take responsibility for one’s own security.

    The ‘authorities’ cannot be everywhere (and we don’t want them everywhere) and cannot stop every potential criminal action. People need to look out for themselves. The situational awareness mindset also includes trusting your “gut” or instinct. Often a person’s subconscious can notice subtle signs of danger that the conscious mind has difficulty quantifying or articulating. Have you ever suddenly had that feeling of danger without being able to put your finger on it – so to speak? Ignoring such feelings can lead to serious trouble.

    Practicing situational awareness requires discipline and is the conscious effort required to pay attention to your surroundings and gut feelings to surrounding events even while you are busy and distracted – because when you are distracted even obvious eminent danger or hostility can go unnoticed. Individuals need to learn to be observant even while doing other things.
    Here are a few drills that you can do to improve your situational awareness skills.
    1. Identify all the exits when you enter a building.
    2. Count the number of people in a restaurant, subway or train car.
    3. Note which cars take the same turns in traffic.
    4. Take a look at the people around you and attempt to figure out their stories.
    Imagine what they do for a living, their mood, what they are focused on and what it appears they are preparing to do, based merely on observation.

    Engaging in such simple situational-awareness drills will train a person’s mind to be aware of these things almost subconsciously when the person is in a relaxed state of awareness. Thank you Ken Jorgustin for these great tips. Always carry a deterrent to crime . For an example Pepper Spray.

  • What does a Stun Gun sound like ?

    I was asked this question the other day and I couldn't seem to simulate the true sound so I made a video about one of our easy to hold fashion stun gun.

  • History of Mothers Day

    Mother's Day is a great day to honor the woman who brought you into the world. It is a good time to celebrate everything great about moms. While most people celebrate this holiday, few people know the history behind it.

    Mother's Day is thought to have begun in ancient Greece. Known as "mother worship", this festival to Cybele, a goddess who represented the fertility of earth, was held during the Vernal Equinox in Anatolia. Gifts were not given during this festival like they are doing our modern Mother's Day.

    The holiday we know today was first established in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe in Boston, Massachusetts. Howe made her Mother's Day Proclamation in hopes to inspire women pacifism. The early celebration of the holiday was pushed forward by women's peace groups and those mother's who had lost sons in the Civil War. Less than seven years after her proclamation, Albion, Michigan became the first city to observe the holiday. This observance began the tradition of celebrating Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May. It took many years before it was officially recognized. Several groups and individuals had campaigns to spread the world about Mother's Day. The federal government finally got the message and on May 14, 1914, Woodrow Wilson signed an official proclamation to make Mother's Day a national holiday.

    MD sale

  • Electronic Barking Dog Alarm

    Altho I have most of the products I sell, one that I never bought and tested was the Electronic Barking Dog Alarm. I have 6 rescued dogs, 3 are pit bull mixes and people don't get passed my front gate without calling me first. A dog-less friend of mine bought one from me and brought it over to my house  so we could play with it.  I can honestly say this is the most realistic barking I have ever heard. It would scare any would be burglar off. It is "dog tested" by my dogs ------ they thought for sure a big dog was in the other room. It took me a long time to calm them down after my friend left. They spent the rest of the evening sniffing the room we were in---- looking for that "other" dog.  I sell this with confidence knowing how truly realistic it is.barkingdogalarm

  • Party Safety Tips

    Follow these tips to protect yourself

    • Always get your own drink. Watch it being poured.
    • Don't leave it unattended.
    • Don't drink or taste anybody else's drink.
    • Don't accept drinks from anyone else.
    • When in bars or clubs always get your drink directly from the bartender and do not take your eyes off the bartender or your order; don't use the waitress or let somebody go to the bar for you.
    • At parties, only accept drinks in closed containers: bottles, cans or tetra packs.
    • Never leave your drink unattended or turn your back on your table.
    • Do not drink from open beverage sources like punch bowls, pitchers or tubs.
    • Drugs used to spike drinks can be colorless and tasteless so you might not realize that anything has been added.
    • Keep your eyes and ears open; if there is talk of date rape drugs or if friends seem "too intoxicated" for what they have taken, leave the party or club immediately and don't go back.
    • Be aware of the behavior of your friends. Is their behavior out of character? Do they seem too "out of it" for what they've had? See the section on Drink Spiking to find out what to do.
    • Watch out for your friends. Are they binge drinking or taking drugs? Are they making safe decisions? Are they OK?
    • If your friend needs to sober up or straighten out, check to see that they are OK. Are they alone? Who is with them? Are they safe?
    • Encourage people who are drunk to drink water or eat something. Keep an eye on them, if you can.
    • Do you really trust whom you are going home with? Are you sure they won't make you do anything you don't want to do? Will they take "NO" for an answer?
    • If you are going home with someone different, let someone know. Introduce them to your friends.
    • If you still want to be even more cautious, consider purchasing drink testing strips. Test your drink by simply dipping it in your glass. These strips will change color if any drug is detected
  • College Campus Security

    Going away to college should be a happy time for our children. It is our job, as parents to make sure they are prepared for all kinds of experiences. Protecting them is a major concern.

    Keeping our kids safe

  • Self Defense Awareness


    1. Look where you're going. Check out the gas station, ATM, 7-Eleven etc. before you pull up/go in so you don't become part of a stickup in progress.


    2. Wake up. Turn off your iPod/iPhone etc. when out in public.


    3. Maintain a Personal Comfort Zone. No stranger or hostile relation is allowed to get closer than 5 feet to you without vetting or permission. Carry Pepper Spray on your key chain and practice what you would do.


    4. Walk wide around building corners. Don't get jumped.


    5. React. Practice a high speed flinch response in the event you're surprised by a sound, movement or touch.


    6. Watch your drink. Someone could slip a knock out drug in your cocktail. Typical abduction/rape/murder ruse.


    7. No stranger gets in your house. Ever. Even if it's a little girl screaming to use your phone to call her daddy because her mommy's lying in the road bleeding to death. Call 911 for her. Otherwise, you open the door and 3 mutants rush in and a horrific home invasion begins.


    8. Flat tire in a bad neighborhood? Drive on your rims. New wheels are a small price to pay for avoiding a violent car jacking.


    9. People give you a bad feeling as you walk down a street? Do you: Make eye contact? Don't make eye contact? Look assertive? Reach for your gun? Walk down a different street.


    10. You're being mugged for your money. Don't fish around in your purse/wallet for bills. Be cooperative. Give them your whole wallet (prepare a separate "mugging" wallet with a few dollars).  But...


    11. Never go to crime scene #2. If all they want is money, fine. But if they want to take you somewhere, make your stand and fight for your life, right now. You stand a better chance of surviving. If you go with them, statistics say will you not escape or be rescued.

  • College "Gun Policy" under review

    Very interesting article in today's Tampa Tribune by Jerome Stockfisch.  The University of South Florida's gun policy is under review.  Not all students are comfortable carrying a firearm for protection.  Many parents are turning to non lethal ways to protect their collage age children.


    TAMPA — A Florida gun-rights group repeated its threat to sue any state university that hasn’t lifted a ban on students storing guns in their cars by Monday, a situation that could put the University of South Florida on the spot.

    The spring semester starts Monday, and a spokesman for Lehigh Acres-based Florida Carry Inc. said state schools are obligated to comply with a December appellate court ruling and notify students as they return to campus that such a practice is now legal.

    State law prohibits guns on university campuses, but many schools, including USF, took the statute a step further through campus policies.

    “The plan is that anybody that is not in compliance by Monday, we have the right to file at any time,” said Eric Friday, lead counsel for Florida Carry. “I could file today if I wanted to, but we gave everybody until Monday,” he said last week.

    A spokesman said USF’s policy banning guns in vehicles in campus parking lots was being reviewed. The campus shut down for winter break Dec. 23, reopening Jan. 2, but it appears the issue has not been addressed since prior to the break.

    On its general counsel’s website, USF lists Policy No. 6-009, “Weapons on USF System Property,” as “currently under review.”

    Florida Carry and a student at the University of North Florida sued that school in Duval County Circuit Court in October 2011, saying firearms restrictions are the exclusive purview of the state Legislature. A judge there threw out the suit, but a Tallahassee appellate court ruled that universities could not regulate guns on campuses.

    UNF president John Delaney said last month that the Jacksonville university would not appeal the ruling to the state Supreme Court.

    Identical regulations to those at UNF exist at the University of Florida and Florida State University in addition to USF. An FSU spokesman said the ruling rendered that university’s policy void; it could not be determined how UF was reacting to the appellate court decision.

    “They are denying students a fundamental right to defend themselves from criminal attack when traveling to and from school, and there is absolutely no excuse for it,” said Florida Carry’s Friday. “They’re going to come into compliance, and they’re going to do it now.”



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